All I can.

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I can't provide you Gucci nor Prada or Louis Vuitton. But I promise to cherish every moment with you. That is all I can provide that money can't buy my true feelings for you. It bothers that we might be off the different world, but I will do my best to fulfill your needs as your boyfriend.

You think you're great. You're not.

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Now there's this movie, Clash of Titans. I wonder when life takes it's toll and there'll be clash of egos. Well, here I am now. Every men for himself. Every men has ego, that is undeniably true. Totally no doubt about it. But c'mon, it's only one matter but but you made it look like you're such a genius out of nowhere? Hah. I mean I've seen many people in my industry. It is people like you make me sick of everyday in life. While you, you're just, well puny-cowardly man. Who speaks but not act. I don't mean to show that I've changed. Maybe in a certain ways. It's people like you I have to grow smarter socially and beware of human character. Some things, you might just wanna keep it to yourself. I don't think they would wanna listen to your yeppy yeppy. Oh man, I guess this is just when ego meets greater ego. I guess I'm just that way. Seriously, it disgusts me. I don't know, I guess I'm just so much mature mentally because I proudly say I am so much exposed to the world. My chef once told me, some people are born lucky they enjoy what they already have, not what they have not yet to have. Wise wise words chef. I'll give you credits because you're book smart. For now, you might wanna keep certain things to yourself. Don't have to elaborate on things that you already knew, recently. It's just plain ugh.
What are you trying to prove? I guess I know this word, it's called kiasu. Stick up to it.

Different Feeling.

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Terrified by Katherine Mcphee

As some of you might know, I am back home from my internship already. It's about a week now so yeah. I felt really lazy to blog about what's up and about. You can visit my Facebook profile for lots of pictures that I have taken. I certainly have mixed emotions on leaving the hotel and coming back home. Oh well, not everyday you meet really really nice and warm people. People who are not selfish on giving you guidance in every single way. I'm just so touched by their warmness back in the hotel. When you guys come to KL, ring me up. All of you got my number and I don't have any of you guys except for Fendik's. Oh gosh, it felt so good I chatted with Fendik yesterday. All of you should have facebook! Even Kak Suhada hasn't accepted my friend request. ):
People I have contacted these past few days may think I've gone out of my mind. Basically of my outrageous behavior and my "outstanding" spontaneously actions. I guess I just miss you guys. And seriously I think alcohol has given me some effects somehow. I talk a lot of nonsense these days and I can't remember things too well. But I'm so glad everything went so clear. I've been patching up some old wounds and I've been making new wounds as well. Well, you know me. Even though, there's a problem, I will not open up. It's not like I don't want to, I just can't. That's just how it work. I may look like I know nothing but I do know things. You'll be surprised.
For now, I'm so enjoying my life. When anything goes wrong, I'll tell myself that life's short. I'm enjoying it while I can. As long I don't harm anyone or anything. I AM ME. I AM REAL.
I guess that's it for now. I don't wanna emo emo here. Shit has been going around a lot lately. Oh God.

Long gone the lovely memories you left behind, it was surreal, it was sweet. The pain reminds me that the feeling was real. Thank you, goodbye.

Fly shortly.

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Flights in 3 hours to go. It felt so good to be home though for the past 4days. It was fun altogether. Catching up old times with old pals. Priceless. All of us should do that more often, seriously. Ah, haven't enjoyed myself for such long time. Well, 4 weeks left and I'm home. It'll be over before I know it. And by that time, I will not wanna leave those people back there in Langkawi. No time to emo here though. LOL. Anyway, I slept real late yesterday and just came back from Dim Sum. So, I'mma get some rest cos I hate traveling. Damn. Time flies.
Till then, take care everyone. Place your orders of chocs if interested! :DDD
When you tell me that you love me, were those just words, you can't tell you don't need me, and I know that hurts, cos I'm looking at your picture cos its all I got, maybe one day you and me will have one more shot..


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Here I am, its been my 5th week here in Langkawi island, half way through my internship in Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. I am now currently in Starbucks, spending already Rm30 for their drinks here. Damn.
I felt refreshed in a way that I finally logged into Facebook. LOL!
I saw June is having helluva fun on her b'day in Hard Rock which is a waste I could not be there. Well, I'll make it up to you June. (:
Oh, did I mention that our hotel gave us angpau? haha! Pretty awesome ae? No its not 10bucks angpau. It's 48bucks! hahaha! Well, hotel kan kaya?
Days gone by and I miss her like crazy! Hmmm. Well, I'll be going home for a few days on CNY. Just can't wait to see her when I get back if time permits. Sigh.
I felt bad that I could not be by her side to comfort her or anything, these few days, she seems to be quite down. Well, I hope everything's going fine for her though. I really do.
Anyway, I'll be working on the 7-3 morning shift tomorrow onwards though. Till then I'll be going home soon enough to celebrate the short CNY. Yes, I do miss everyone there. Even my dog. Life here ain't so bad. Lifestyle here is BAD. If you know what I mean. So many stories to tell, so many stories to be heard. Things changes so quickly that you don't have enough time to adapt. Oh gotch. How many times have I say I misses her so so much? ):
This sucks!

You have to stay strong, you know you have to, and I know you will. You always do. Imy, Ily. Till then take care.

Let the wind take you away.

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I have not been giving fuck lately to anyone lately, which means life is really boring because I did not look for trouble. No I have not packed yet but my dad keeps talking and talking and talking as if I ain't coming back. Wtf. Ask this ask that and all that.
I'm just seeing it as a vacation. Long term vacation, that's that and that's it. Lately I just do not understand why I couldn't see some people. You know, you planned something, get excited and it gets cancelled. Ya fuck that.
It felt it was just yesterday you entered college, having all these culture shocks and met lots of scary and outspoken people that freaks me out that turns me into a really anti-social boy for the 1st term. I'm just surprised that wow, is that even normal? Damn. I guess right now, at this point, I miss all of my college friends. Felt its been a long long journey. Really good friends you have met along the way, things we have done together as the whole bunch of us. Man, those were sweet memories. Haven't seen you guys for about 2 weeks and it didn't felt good at all. Godamnit. We need to meet up for real. Please.
fuck emo.

I'm no longer here.

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That was quite a show, very entertaining.
Game over, I played by the rule but I guess I was outplayed.
Geez, I'm too sensitive over shit like this.
Oh well, flip the next page and write about it.
Goodbye now.